Free Online Classes That You Can Take During Social Distancing


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Being at home can be very boring, especially if we don’t fill it with useful or fun things. Sometimes we don’t even know what to do in the middle of this long work at home.

But actually there are many things we can try to do in our free time. For example, by taking free online classes offered by the American online learning site, Coursera.

Reported by Business Insider Singapore, Coursera opens up to 100 free lessons, which can be accessed throughout the world starting May 31. This class is free, as long as the offer period continues and quota is still available.

The topics offered are quite diverse, ranging from health, personal development, arts and culture, to business. In general, these classes are conducted by leading universities in the world, such as the University of Florida, USA, Yonsei University, South Korea, to the University of Virginia, USA.

If you want to join an existing class, all you have to do is log in via Facebook or an Apple account and then take the class you want. You will receive a discounted price later so you can get free hours. Then you only need to follow a series of programs offered in class.


Among the 100 classes offered, the WOMAN coil summarizes seven classes that may interest you. What class? Come on, think about the following explanation.

1. Art Healing Class

If you are interested in art, try taking classes offered by the University of Florida, USA. Through the healing arts class you will be invited to undertake various art projects, ranging from visual arts, dancing, writing, to music combined with spiritual aspects. As the name suggests, this class has a purpose so that you can heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual injuries through a series of artistic activities.


2. Fashion Classes as a Design

Then, for those of you who are interested in exploring the world of fashion, you can try to take online fashion classes as a design. The classroom, opened by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA, offers contextual training for a better assessment and understanding of fashion design. This class discusses different types of designs, from casual clothing designs to fashion clothes, through different perspectives.

3. Personal and family financial planning

If you want to manage your personal and family finances better, you can take personal and family financial planning classes provided by the University of Florida. This class offers a variety of discussions, from understanding personal financial concepts, financial statements, budgets, income tax management, to understanding the concepts of risk management and insurance.

4. Language class

You can also fill your free time by attending the various language classes offered at Coursera. Some to choose from include first-class Korean classes run by Yonsei University, Mandarin for Beginners at Peking University, good American pronunciation in English from the UCI Continuing Education Department, and writing at English universities at Lund University. These choices can be tailored to your interests or needs.

5. The truth about cats and dogs

Meanwhile, animal lovers can also follow the topic of animal classes provided by Coursera. One of them, the Truth About Cats and Dogs class, is run by the University of Edinburgh. As the title suggests, this class invites you to better understand the attitudes of dogs and cats. We hope you get to know your pet better after attending class.

6. Sit less, become active

If you start to worry about physical health during this WFH, try taking the Sit Less class, Get Active, offered by the University of Edinburgh. This class teaches several things, including ways to monitor activities and determine personal physical activity. In addition to the Less Sedentary class, Get Active also provides examples of ways to increase physical activity in different environments so you can choose which one is best for your daily needs.

7. Introduction to personal branding

Finally, those of you who want to grow can take introductory personal branding classes offered by the University of Virginia. Through this class you can find out what is meant by personal branding, how to do it, how to apply it on social media, how to maintain a brand for a long time. Later, this ability can be used for career and business development in the future.

How? Are you interested in joining this free class?


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