How to get ads from Google Ads for Beginners

A Google Promotional Advertising Code is a credit that is added to an advertiser’s account if it meets the criteria. Google offers periodic promo codes to attract new advertisers to use Google’s advertising facilities.

How to get ads from Google Ads for Beginners

Promo codes accepted in Google Ads must be used within 14 days of creating a Google Ads account. If not used during this period, the promo code enters an expiration date and cannot be replaced.

The function of the promotional code is different from the various other payment terms. To use a promotional code, you must meet different requirements for each promotional period. Therefore, before using a promo code, you should check the details and conditions of the promotion from Google.

First, add a promo code to your AdWords account before running ads. Second, you need to run ads to spend a total of Rp150,000. Google Ads will then provide 450,000 Russian for free. Of course, this amount is very profitable, if you spend 150,000, you can get three times more.


Other requirements, the advertised website or blog must have a clear purpose and not violate the Google AdWords Terms and Conditions. Google AdWords usually gives preference to online store websites to improve the development of small and medium-sized businesses. You must also have a registered Google account, at least GMail.

The email address used for registration must also never have been used for such purposes. Google will not provide promotions to Google Ads in the form of coupons for accounts that have previously used free coupons. You must also have a credit card, Paypal account or local bank account to make payments.

The promo code will be updated by Google over a period of time. So you can’t use the existing promo code. There are many blogs that provide promo codes to get extra free credit. Unfortunately, promo codes usually expire or expire.

Usually, beginners are still hesitant to advertise on Google for fear of losing, the results are not effective and they spend money. That’s why Google Ads is trying to attract new advertisers through Google Ads promotion programs in the form of coupons or credit vouchers. This promotion is not available every day from Google, so you should be careful to check the information on the Internet to get it.

How to use the AdWords promotional code

For those of you who have never advertised with Google Ads, you can get a promotional credit code worth 450,000 rubles. To do so, sign up with your email on the Google Ads page, then follow the steps shown.

Once you receive a promotional code, you cannot use it immediately. There are several requirements that must be met in order to receive advertising credit in your AdWords account.

How to enter the Google Ads promotional code

Once you receive a promotional code for a Google Advertising Voucher worth Rs 4,550,000, you need to enter it into your AdWords account. The way is very easy, first enter the Google AdWords page. Then look for the settings menu or the wheel icon in the upper right corner. Then click on the management of the promotional code, which is located at the bottom of the page. Enter the promo code you have. Once you’ve entered the code, you can use Google AdWords advertising credit.

Well, this is an overview of promotions in Google Ads, which are widely hunted by users of AdWords ads. Be diligent in finding information about the latest promotions so you don’t miss out.

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