Six Best Colleges in Indonesia offer Online Programs

The progress of times requires us to make an update. He is no exception to the education system. In the world of education, various innovations have been made to achieve the goal of creating a generation of smart and competent nations.

In the world of lectures, there are many courses for employees that are designed so that there is still time to study among the busy student work. The employee class program is widely accepted by many universities.

And the latest thing, educational innovations are starting to appear with online or online college programs. It is a distance learning system supported by Internet technology, followed by students who are enrolled on an online campus.

Following the online colleges system, students do not have to come to campus and are more flexible. In general, prospective students register because the distance from the desired university is far away and the workers are busy but still want to study.


And here are the 6 best universities in Indonesia that offer online lecture programs.

1. Gadjah Mada University


As one of the best universities in Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University organizes online lectures or online lecture training systems that can be accessed by students outside UGM.

In addition, interest in universities is growing every year. Finally, UGM launched the eLISA (eLearning System for Academic Community) program, which is increasingly being developed and sought after by faculty and educators.

2. Bandung Institute of Technology


ITB has begun to innovate in the education system by providing online lecture rooms for prospective students. Online lectures at ITB include learning activities, repositories, online tests, and synchronous and asynchronous interactions.

ITB is also introducing e-learning studios as a tool for students to develop multimedia content from event boards to content production facilities.

3. University of Indonesia


As a leading university in Indonesia. UI conducts online / online lectures that began in 2002. Distance education (PJJ), organized by the University of Indonesia, uses information and communication technologies (ICT) as a tool to support the learning process.

UI Online Lecture is a credit program in which participants in online tertiary institutions can take one or more online courses and can receive certificates / transcripts if they meet the assessment of learning outcomes and are declared to have taken the relevant online courses.


4. Institute of Technology 10 November


Located in Surabaya, ITS is listed in the category of the best universities in Indonesia. Improving the quality of education by opening an online system of lectures.

ITS Share is an e-learning system used in ITS, which was built through an ICT grant program implemented in 2006. The name ITS Share is short for e-learning sharing and reuse.

5. Bina Nusantara University

Bina Nusantara University became the first best private university in Indonesia this year, according to UniRank. Binus has started an online lecture program called BOL, short for Binus Online Learning.

BOL offers online courses (distance). However, under the auspices of the Bina Nusantara Foundation, you do not need to worry about your graduation status. BOL is accredited as the best online campus.

6. Mercu Buana University


This private university is included in the list of the best universities in Indonesia, which makes Mercu Buana University present an online lecture program aimed at prospective students.

The goal of Mercu Buana University is to provide online lecture programs to improve the quality of teaching and learning. With online lectures, students are expected to be able to study without time and place restrictions.

So, are you interested in applying for online Colleges in one of them?


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