Take a look! This man replaced the Yamaha motorbike just to get a helmet

Helmets are important devices for motorist safety. As a safety device, make sure when choosing and buying a helmet, make sure it has special standards such as SNI (Indonesian National Standard).

Helmets distributed in Indonesia are quite diverse, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Now for those who like style, motorists usually prefer helmets that are too valuable.

But there are also you who are crazier when you want to offer cool and rare helmets that Motor Replacements for helmets. Like this man did.

Like the post by Pokpa Zul in the RXZ buying and selling group on Facebook, he shares stories about barter transactions with Yamaha RX-Z motorcycle helmets.

In this post, he published the gray Bell helmet, which was sold in Motor Replacements Yamaha RX-Z. Lay people will definitely be surprised by this story.

How is that, yes, only in the name of the helmet who wants to replace the Yamaha RX-Z, which by the way is a motorbike that is more expensive than a helmet.

But for those who have hobbies, this is normal, because every lover gets money no matter how long he gets rare items. Is that true?

Then what is the price of the helmet, why buyers who are ready to exchange their Yamaha RX-Z. Check the calibration turned out to be the price of a helmet, which is 15 thousand Malaysian Ringgit or equivalent to Rp.49 million.

The price of the Yamaha RX-Z motorbike itself in the used motorcycle market is 10 million Rp, quoted by the buying and selling site olx.co.id. If you already know the price, you won’t be surprised, right?

No wonder the owner of the Yamaha RX-Z exchanged helmets. The price is excessive, how can that be?

Yes, if you have a hobby of making money, how are you willing to spend it. Money is not a limit for amateurs or collectors. Is that true?

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